About Me

Hi, I’m Wes! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. You can find my various thoughts and musings here, along with the occasional game review. I also review games for Nook Gaming.

I’ve been gaming almost as long as I can remember. I got my start on an old IBM XT my dad kept in the basement. A few years later I inherited my cousins’ NES and I haven’t looked back since. From Oregon Trail to Battletoads to the latest big budget blockbusters and indie gems, I’ll play it all.

I especially love games that can create immersive narrative experiences. Games have unique ways to drive stories, and I’ve enjoyed recent standouts like ABZU, Firewatch, and Outer Wilds that take full advantage. While they’re a bit different than traditional games, I also have a soft spot for visual novels and have been playing them for years now.

If you want to know more or chat about how Zelda 2 is actually great fun, you can find me on Twitter @FairPlayWes. Have fun out there and don’t forget to play fair.