About Reviews

My hope is that my reviews can help you decide if YOU will enjoy the game in question. We all have our own tastes, and you might enjoy something I didn’t. To that end, I think explaining and discussing why I experienced the game the way I did is the best way to do this. 

I also understand that we read reviews in part because we want to know: is the game worth my time and money? So I will also give my answer to that question using one of the following ratings. The ratings, and what I mean by them, are below.

Do Not Recommend – The game’s problems outweigh its positives. I don’t think it’s worth your time and money.

Mixed Feelings – The game has significant parts I enjoyed but also significant parts I found frustrating or disappointing. This game might be worth playing. It depends on how you weigh its particular strengths and flaws. I also use this rating for games that are competent but uninspired.

Recommend – The game offers an overall experience that I think fans of the genre are likely to enjoy. In my opinion, it is worth playing.

Strongly Recommend – The game is not only worth playing, but stands out as a particularly strong experience compared to its competitors. Even if your gaming time is limited or you’re not always a fan of the genre, I think you should give this game a chance.

Essential – The game is particularly memorable (in a positive sense) and left a strong impression on me. It stands at the pinnacle of its genre or offers something striking and unique. I think this game is an experience every gamer should try.